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Body + Self Care

Explore our exceptional range of Body and Self-care products, bringing together all the essentials needed to maintain a radiant, healthy glow and evoke tranquillity and relaxation in your daily routine. Our expansive collection of premium quality products include the increasingly popular bath salts and body wash, must-have moisturisers, fragrant candles, soothing lip balms, luxurious men's grooming essentials, shave cream, rejuvenating face oils, and invigorating essential oils.
Featuring coveted brands such as Alive, Myrtle + Moss and Etikette, our comprehensive Body and Self-care collection ensures that addressing your wellbeing does not mean compromising on quality. Our range is infused with natural, rejuvenating ingredients that stand the test of time, nurturing your skin and senses with their potent, revitalising qualities. Allow our Myrtle + Moss products to transport you into an immersive sense of peace and tranquillity, while our Etikette products add calm to your everyday self-care rituals.

We understand that everyone’s skin and bodies are unique, hence, we offer a diverse range of products that cater to varying skincare needs and personal preferences. For those who like to maintain smooth, hair-free skin, our shave cream is a standout mens grooming product, perfect for achieving a clean, smooth shave. Our men's body products are packed with rich, invigorating ingredients that maintain a well-groomed appearance always.

Give your skin the ultimate treat with our face oils, specially selected for their healing and moisturising properties - perfect for achieving a radiant, supple complexion. Luxuriate in the long-lasting hydration our moisturisers provide, retaining the skin's natural moisture and promoting healthy, vibrant skin.

Take your sensory experience a notch higher with our collection of candles and essential oils, crafted to create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere after a long day. From pampering yourself with a relaxing bath using our bath salts and body wash to keeping your lips moisturised with our lip balms – everything you need for a comprehensive self-care regimen is right here in our collection.

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