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Noosa Basics

Introducing Noosa Basics, our collection of organic apothecary from the heart of Noosa. We believe simplicity is the key to effective skincare, hence, these products boast minimal botanical ingredients while delivering impressive results. Relish the nourishing magic of cacao butter and jojoba oil with the luscious lip balm designed to moisturise and protect dry lips - drawing you into a realm of soft and hydrated smooching.

Pamper your hands with the exceptional Noosa Basics hand cream, an instant hydration solution that enriches your skin without leaving a greasy after-feel. For routine facial care, the foaming face wash steps in graciously. It lends its hydrating and calming properties for daily use, promising a glowing face devoid of harmful SLS, parabens, or harsh chemicals.

Adding to our range, we bring to you Sea Spray for that breezy beach look. Create graceful loose curls and add texture to your hair, making heads turn! With Noosa Basics, one can get the performance of a hairspray without the synthetic feel and smell.

Experience the purity and effectiveness of high-quality botanical ingredients with Noosa Basics. Crafted thoughtfully for your personal care, these products also make for perfect gifts for your loved ones. Join us on a journey toward beautiful, naturally cared for skin and hair.

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