About us



Nicole and Leisa.

Two creative sisters. 

Leisa is younger……Nicole is older.

Leisa likes to think she’s the boss…..and Nicole is happy to let her think that.

Nicole was always the arty farty one, and Leisa the more organised one.

Both however have a keen sense of colour, texture, design ........ and a sense of humour.

Both dreamt of one day running a business together, but didn't really think it would happen, until one day, personal circumstances changed, the stars aligned, and a little project together developed into a business proposition.

It all started in 2009 in a single car garage before moving to a tin shed in the industrial area.  2 years later an opportunity arose when a shop in the main street became vacant, and we took what felt like a giant 'leap of faith'.  We've not looked back since. 

The Mookah philosophy can be summed up as ‘natural, earthy and simple’.

The clothing is loved for its quality, wearability and uncomplicated design, and the fabrics/home wares for their beautiful textures and simplistic designs.
It's the culmination of our creative energies, sometimes wacky ideas, and random thoughts, that produce mookah designs. Only those that we both love make it past the starting gate.

Mookah is now bigger than just the two of us. We now have four amazing women that work with us and inspire us!   Each have their own stories to tell and bring different strengths and experiences to the mookah team.  We also keep afloat with the help from Mum & Dad who run errands for us and help out here and there, and Daz Man who is always building something or other for us.