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Weave Home

Weave Home are passionate about design, textiles, and our homes.  All products are designed locally by in house designers across Australia and New Zealand.

Weave works with artisans and designers to create a unique cushion collection of soft texture and refined pattern to create the perfect elements for soothing yet alluring layers — all of them designed with contemporary Australian living in mind.

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Weave Home Fabrics

The heart and Soul of Weave Home comes fromWarwick Fabrics, Australia's leading wholesale fabric house with over 50 years of experience! For over fifty years, Warwick has been a key part of Australian homes — supplying the fabric on our couches, our chairs and our curtains. Warwick's strong reputation has been built on great relationships with their customers and Australians who use their product. Weave share those same values of trust, reliability, integrity and, of course, a love of textiles, colour and beautiful design.

Weave Home Collections

Each collections is inspired by the world around us, and the places we love to visit; around the globe and across Australia. Weave products reflect what we love, and how we love to live — relaxed coastal living, contemporary urban life, and of course our favourite travel destinations. unique cushions bronzed tones of the earth, to ground and recharge, whilst balanced by a freshness to encompass optimism. earthy neutrals, mature tones of Tobacco and calming Linen all counterbalanced with a crisp clean white for a sophisticated urban retreat. Whilst soft texture and refined pattern create the perfect elements for soothing yet alluring layers, blends of earth tones are complemented and energised with a vision of contemporary blue that lend to recharge and cleanse.

Weave works with artisans and designers to create a unique collection of detailed embroidered cushions, lush throws and timeless floor rugs — all of them designed with contemporary Australian living in mind.

Cushion Cover Care Guide

The first point of call is always the care label located on all Weave products by either a hang-tag or label sewn into the seam of your cushion cover. Always refer to your care label before attempting any cleaning!

Our advice is given in good faith and should not be considered a guarantee. If in any doubt, you should always consult a professional cleaning company.

Care labels can be tricky to navigate. Here is a simple rundown of what to do and not to do with each of our three cushion cover care labels. Always treat spills and stains as soon as possible to make stain removal easier and minimise the risk of permanent damage.

hm – machine wash

Gentle cold machine wash. Wash with like colours. Lie flat to dry. Do not tumble dry. Cool iron on reverse. Dry-cleanable

hh – hand wash

Gentle cold hand wash. Wash with like coloursLie flat to dry. Do not tumble dry. Cool iron on reverse. Dry-cleanable.

hd – dry clean only

Dry-clean only

Cleaning Feather Cushion Inserts

Warm machine or hand wash. Warm tumble dry thoroughly before re-use or storage.

Last but not least! Never underestimate how fresh a sofa of plump cushions looks.

Our favourite technique for fluffing and plumping is the karate chop method. Simply hold the cushion over your knee and give it a few karate chops on each side. This will work the inner back into the corners to give it that plump, fluffy fill.

A light vacuum with reduced suction every six months will help with dust control.

Step into the world of Weave Home, where passion for textiles, design and comfort resides. Locally designed in Australia and New Zealand, every item in this collection echoes seamless finesse and meticulous crafting, making it the perfect choice for modern home decor. Our selection of cushion covers, cushions and homewares, harmonise flawlessly with other renowned labels we carry, such as Klippan's luxurious lambswool blankets and the timeless elegance of Citta NZ's furniture & homeware collections.

Whether you prefer minimalist contemporary or rustic charm, Weave Home's products impart a soothing, alluring, and authentic aesthetic appeal that echoes the warmth of Australian living.

Weave Home's products don’t just add layers of comfort to your rooms, they extend a hand towards a more sustainable living environment, promising you more than just home decor, but a way of life. Our collection of cushions & cushion covers complements every room, creating a cohesive, beautifully decorated space that tells the story of those who live there.

Incorporate Weave Home's cushion covers into your living room for an instant elegance and add our cushions to your bedroom decor for a touch of comfort. If you're in search of exquisite furnishing items for your dining, lounge, bedrooms or outdoor living spaces, our cushion covers and cushions are an excellent starting point.

So, dive into the enticing world of Weave Home. Discover the perfect blend of comfort, design and sophistication that turns houses into homes. We're excited to help you embark on this journey of transforming spaces into personal storytelling mediums through our collection. Shop now and redefine your home's charm, one room at a time!

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