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Family Games Make The perfect Gift Idea

Planet Finska are Australia's leading designer and merchant of properly crafted traditional games.

  • Design and craftsmanship that is consistent with the origin and tradition of these classic games. 
  • Planet Finska games are real, not virtual and exercise both mind and body and make wonderful Christmas gifts or birthday gifts.  
  • These games are interactive in the truest sense and a catalyst for family and friends to socialise, laugh and create memories.  
  • Many of our games make perfect gifts for the hard to buy for.  We are often asked if a certain game is suitable for a particular age or gender.  The overriding feedback we get is that these age inclusive games frequently bridge the generation gap.
  • If you travel for the Christmas holiday's, check out the travel games, a great Christmas present for all ages.

Planet Finska offers a variety of fun and unique outdoor and indoor games that can make excellent Christmas gifts. Here are some popular Planet Finska games that you can consider giving as gifts for Christmas:

  1. Kubb: Kubb, also known as Viking Chess, is a strategic outdoor game that involves throwing wooden batons to knock down the opponent's wooden blocks. It's a great game for gatherings and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
  2. Mölkky: Mölkky is a Finnish throwing game that combines skill and precision. Players take turns throwing a wooden pin (mölkky) to knock down numbered wooden pins. The goal is to reach exactly 50 points without going over.
  3. Ring Toss: Planet Finska offers a classic Ring Toss game where players aim to toss rings onto wooden pegs. It's a fun game for both indoor and outdoor settings and can be enjoyed by family and friends.
  4. Finska: Finska is a traditional Finnish tossing game that involves throwing a wooden dowel to knock down numbered wooden pins. The objective is to reach exactly 50 points.
  5. Bocce: Bocce is a popular Italian lawn game that Planet Finska offers in a high-quality set. Players take turns trying to throw their bocce balls closest to the target ball (pallino). It's a great game for competitive and social play.
  6. Croquet: Planet Finska offers a beautifully crafted croquet set that can be a fantastic gift for outdoor game enthusiasts. Croquet is a strategic and leisurely game that can be enjoyed in the backyard or at a park.
  7. Quoits: Quoits is a classic ring toss game that involves throwing rings onto a wooden peg. Planet Finska offers a portable and stylish quoits set that's perfect for family gatherings and picnics.
  8. Boules: Boules, also known as Petanque, is a French throwing game that involves tossing metal balls to get them as close as possible to a target ball. Planet Finska offers high-quality boules sets suitable for casual and competitive play.

These Planet Finska games make great Christmas gifts because they encourage outdoor fun, friendly competition, and quality time with family and friends. They come in beautifully crafted wooden sets, adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor activities. You'll be giving a gift that provides hours of entertainment and bonding.

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