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Meet The Maker: Myrtle & Moss Skin Care

Meet The Maker: Myrtle & Moss Skin Care

Myrtle and Moss was launched in late 2010 by Georgina, with the singular desire to create a product range that gives an ‘incidental sensory delight’ with products that look, feel and smell superlative.

The range is sought after by a strong following of customers and retailers, like ourselves, who delight in the scents achieved by the finest essential oil blends. Essential oils like Bergamot Rind from Calabria in Italy, Egyptian Geranium Leaf Oil and Lemon Myrtle from northern New South Wales.










Georgina proudly boasts that her stunning range is made in Australia and tested on family & friends not animals.

You can find the gorgeous Myrtle and Moss range in both stores and online.

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