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How to Redeem Rewards Points Online 🎉

How to Redeem Rewards Points Online 🎉

0:01 Hi, how are you going today? Nicole here. We just wanted to show you how to go about redeeming your rewards points online.

0:13 We've had a few people reach out to us, so here's a bit of a quick tutorial. I'm on the Mookah page and I'm just going to go up to this little person icon up here and click on it.

0:28 Make sure I log in as a the correct person. I'm not info, I'm actually Nicole. You can see here this.

0:36 It's asking us to sign in using ShopPay. This is just a new feature that we've got on our website. So I'm just going to click here.

0:49 It may send a code to your phone. I've been in my account so it's not asking me for that.

0:58 So you can see this is me, Nicole Griffiths. I'm going to jump on over to our store.

1:06 I'd already put a couple of items in my shopping cart. So I'm going to click up here in the little bag icon.

1:14 You can see I've got a couple of pair of socks in there. I am just going to go to checkout.

1:22 No, I'm not. I've got my shopping cart. I'm going over to the loyalty club tab on the left.

1:35 I am going to redeem a $10 voucher. You can actually see here I've got one here.

1:46 That means I've already claimed that one, but just for the sake of doing this, I'm going to show you how to do it.

1:52 I'm going to select the $10 redeem, and it's going to give me a code here. I'm going to copy the code, click away from that, back to our shopping cart, back over to our checkout.

2:16 I'm going to then paste in my new discount code here and hit apply. You can see the code's being put in here with the ten dollar discount showing.

2:33 And then you can see all the shipping details and payment details here. I hope that little tutorial has helped. 

2:42 If you've got any questions, you can reach out to us via email. You can give us a call at the stores. Or we have this new 'chat with us' button down here on the right hand side.

2:54 Leisa and I will be looking after that. So, if you have any questions, jump on in.

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