Caring for your MerryPeople Gumboots

Merry People boots are a quality, durable boot that are designed to last for years, however all products should be treated right to maximise their longevity.  Here is a few quick, easy tips to keep your boots in great condition for longer.


If you get water inside your boots, the easiest way to dry them is pat the inside dry with some hand towel, and then stuff the inside with newspaper and store upside down somewhere dry for 24hrs.  Repeat if necessary.


Person wearing Black Bobbi Gumboots by Merry People standing in water


Merry People boots are made from a ‘natural rubber’, which is soft and can crack and fade with continuous exposure to the sun.  It’s recommended that you store your boots inside away from direct sunlight when not being used.

Bobbi Gumboots by Merry People sitting on a shoe rack.


Over time dried dirt and mud on your boots can cause the rubber to dry out.  This can lead to cracks and discolouration, so we recommend cleaning your boots regularly with a cloth and warm soapy water.


“Blooming” is the appearance of white chalky marks on the rubber. If you notice blooming on your boots, it can easily be removed by rubbing olive oil into the boot.  Use a teaspoon of olive oil for each boot, rubbing gently in a circular motion, then allow to dry naturally.  


We suggest using a silicone based product to treat your boots, which you can find at a hardware or auto store.  This will protect your boots from moisture.


Merry People gumboots are designed to be a fashionable lifestyle boot; they are not designed to be a work or safety boot.

Woman crossing the road in a pair of Mustard colour Bobbi Gumboots by Merry People

The rubber tread can be slippery on particular surfaces, such as polished concrete, ice, and wet wood - so please take care.  If you require extra grip on your boots, we recommend a product called “traction spray”, available at most local hardware stores. 

Love them?  Then look after them so they’re with you for many years to come!


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