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Holly Jolly Jumble Sale

Holly Jolly Jumble Sale

Unbeatable Deals at the Holly Jolly Jumble Sale: Your Chance to Snap Up Elk + Elm Favourites. 


Festive Savings on Elk Clothing and Accessories Step into the holiday season with style and savings at the Holly Jolly Jumble Sale. Indulge in a shopping spree without the guilt as Elk Clothing slashes prices, offering a minimum of 50% off on your beloved apparel. With every item chosen with care, it's your opportunity to revamp your wardrobe with high-quality fashion.

Adorn Yourself with Affordable Elk Jewellery Transform your ensemble with a touch of elegance from Elk's jewellery line. Starting from an incredible $5, these pieces are the perfect complement to any outfit. Whether you're gifting or glamming up, these prices ensure you do it with flair and frugality.

Bag the Best Deals on Bags and Wallets Discover an array of bags and wallets at never-seen-before prices. The Holly Jolly Jumble Sale is your ticket to owning premium Elk accessories that combine style with function, at discounts that will have you smiling all season long.

Mookah's Marvelous Markdowns Extend your savings spree with Mookah's enticing offers, ranging from 25% to a staggering 70% off. These deals are a steal for the savvy shopper looking to score on style.

Final Chance for Fashion Finds Embrace the exclusivity of the Holly Jolly Jumble Sale, featuring last pieces and discontinued stock from previous seasons. Remember, all purchases are final, with no refunds, making each choice a commitment to exceptional value.

Sale Details and Dates Prepare to mark your calendars! The Holly Jolly Jumble Sale's treasures will be available online from Saturday, 25th November at 5 PM, following the in-store events. Act fast, as these sought-after items are available only until stocks last.

Note: Exclusions Apply Please be aware that the sale excludes current season stock and is not currently available in stores. This is your unique chance to own a piece of Elk's coveted collections from the comfort of your home.

Celebrate the season with the Holly Jolly Jumble Sale, your one-stop destination for fabulous finds at joyfully generous prices.


Greener Life Joins the Holly Jolly Jumble Sale: Beautify Your Space with Plants and Expertise The Holly Jolly Jumble Sale is thrilled to host Greener Life from Inverloch, adding a touch of verdant vibrancy to your holiday shopping experience. Monique, with her wealth of nursery knowledge, brings an exceptional collection of plants and pots to the event.

Cultivate Your Green Thumb with Monique's Expertise Unleash the potential of your indoor and outdoor spaces with Monique's hand-picked selection. Her years of expertise in nursery care ensure that you’re not just buying a plant but are also equipped with the knowledge to nurture it. Greener Life’s presence means you'll find more than just a plant—you'll bring home new growth and vitality.

Decorate and Gift with Greener Life's Plants and Pots As you indulge in the fabulous fashion deals at the sale, don't miss out on the chance to explore Greener Life's assortment of plants and pots. Perfect for gifting or adding a natural touch to your home, these botanical beauties come at delightful discounts. With Greener Life’s offerings, you can pick the perfect pot to match, ensuring your greenery is as stylish as it is thriving.

Please note Inverloch event is not held in store, but at 2 Hopetoun st Inverloch (behind The Local Coffee Shop).


Starts Thursday 24th November 4pm until 7pm and finishes Saturday 25th 2pm

Please note Warragul event is held in store, but sale DOES NOT include current season items.


Any remaining sale stock from the two instore events will be available online from Saturday 25th November 5pm until stock has sold out!

  • The Holly Jolly Jumble Sale is a great time to stuff your stockings with lots of goodies from our favourite brands!
  • The Holly Jolly Jumble sale DOES NOT include current season stock.   None of this stock is currently available in our stores!
  • The Holly Jolly Jumble sale includes clothing, bags, wallets and jewellery from previous Elk collections and includes last pieces and discontinued stock.
  • No refunds will be allowed on Holly Jolly Jumble Stock.  Sale is final!
  • Elk jewellery prices will start from $5.
  • Any remaining sale stock from the two instore events will be available online from Saturday 25th November 5pm until stock has sold out!
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