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A Merry Visit to Merry People HQ

A Merry Visit to Merry People HQ

Hello, Mookah fans and fellow Merry People Gumboot lovers! We're excited to share that we had an adventure to Merry People HQ in Melbourne earlier this week!

We were fortunate enough to receive an invitation to the Merry People headquarters, an opportunity we couldn't pass up (who could turn that down - right?!). We received a warm welcome from none other than the founder of Merry People, Dani, and it was great to catch up with her before we dove into a productive meeting with our wholesale rep, Jenna.

As we settled into and admired the Merry People workspace (aka, their brand new open-plan loft space - it was so cool!), we couldn't help but appreciate the dedication and passion that drives this brand forward. Jenna shared invaluable insights and patiently answered our numerous questions (we had a list), and it was clear that Merry People truly values our loyalty and commitment to their brand.

We owe a big Mookah thank you to our customers for embracing Merry People gumboots with such enthusiasm as it has got us to this point. It's not unusual to see our customers pop in for 'another' pair of Bobbi Gumboots for various occasions or lured by a new colour. Whether it's camping, festival hopping, gardening, or simply completing a fabulous outfit, Merry People Bobbi's have a place in everyone's shoe collection. The boots' exceptional waterproof quality and undeniable comfort are just two reasons our customers keep returning for more - oh, and the colours.

Our visit to Merry People HQ left us reassured that we're in the right partnership and that our business ethos and brands continue to align beautifully. Dani, who hails from our very own Gippsland region, shares a deep connection with our local community and has witnessed her gumboot empire evolve from its humble beginnings. Dani started out by selling the boots herself at markets to now employing a large team and distributing worldwide - it is truly awe-inspiring.

And let's not forget the office space at Merry People HQ! As mentioned, it's super cool and a testament to Dani's unwavering vision for her gumboot company. It's a space that reflects the growth and success of Merry People, and we couldn't be prouder to be associated with this brand or happier for Dani and her family.

To all our valued Mookah customers, rest assured that Merry People is here to stay, and Mookah is committed to representing Merry People in the best way possible. We're excited about the future and know there's much more to come in the world of Merry People and Mookah. Stay tuned for updates, new arrivals, and exciting developments as we continue this incredible journey together.

Mookah is your go-to destination for Merry People's coveted Bobbi Gumboots, available at our Warragul and Inverloch stores and online. Thank you for your continued support, and let's keep the Bobbi Gumboots craze alive and well!

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