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Vinga Blanket - Dark Grey

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The Vinga Blanket from Klippan Combines traditional Swedish textile expertise with modern designs. The blanket range by Klippan are unlike any others. The quality will last a lifetime and keep you comfortable and warm all Winter long.

Contents:  100% lambs wool

Size:  130x200cm

Care instructions for wool blankets:

All wool has a tendency to snuggle up gradually. The finer the wool, the more sensitive it is. Limit or avoid excessive loading of the blankets, e.g. they are not suitable as a seat cushion or for dressing the sofa. To get the blankets soft and airy, you brush them up. A blanket can be incubated several times using e.g. Velcro or a steel comb. Hold the Velcro vertically and grasp at both ends with your thumb and forefinger. The bend on the Velcro "branches" should be in the same direction as you intended to brush. If you hold it correctly it should be easy to brush, not choppy and heavy. Brush the blanket inside and out with long, even, sweeping features . Remember not to brush too hard - then it is easy to get stuck and pull away too much of the wool fibers . Go through the blanket piece by piece until it is airy and even on the surface . Finish hanging out and carving the blanket .

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