The Delicious Book of Dhal

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Author: Nitisha Patel

We have welcomed another mouth-watering cookbook to our shelves here at Mookah...Please welcome The Delicious Book of Dhal. 

This cookbook showcases 55 supremely comforting vegan and vegetarian recipes from Indian chef Nitisha Patel.

What is Dhal, you ask? Dhal is the term used in India for dried split lentils, pulses, beans, and peas. It refers to both the ingredient as well as the final cooked dish. Dhal's reputation as a divine form of comfort food now traverses many cultures. Nitisha shares a wide array of variations on dhal—using different spices, herbs, and vegetables, in different formats and with different accompaniments. Whether thin and soupy, thick and saucy or dry and stir-fried, moulded into pakoras, burgers, dosa or even used in desserts.

The chapters are divided into Toor Dhal, Masoor Dhal, Channa Dhal, Urad Dhal, Moong Dhal, Rajma Dhal, Chori Dhal, Mixed Dhal, and Sweet Dhal, with helpful tips on types of lentils, layering spices, batch cooking and more.


128 pages

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