Scented Candle Workshop

Hardie Grant

Product image 1Scented Candle Workshop - Mookah
Product image 2Scented Candle Workshop - Mookah
Product image 3Scented Candle Workshop - Mookah
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Product image 5Scented Candle Workshop - Mookah

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Product Description:

We at Mookah, are excited to welcome another book to our beloved bookshelf. Please welcome, The Scented Candle Workshop. 

This book is a stylish yet practical guide to creating unique scented candles at home. 

Authors, Paul and Niko, are devoted to capturing memories and feelings in scent. This book will teach you how to combine different essential oils to trigger different emotions and memories. Whether that is the recollection of a childhood holiday conjured up by a hint of mandarin and seaweed, or an imagined walk in your grandparent's garden scented with basil and parsley. 

Not only is candle making and scent development a wonderfully relaxing craft, it is alsoa unique way to craete personalised gifts or to create a signature scent for your own home or special event.  


Authors: Niko Dafkos, Paul Firmin

Pages: 144

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