Scarf - Bunting

Product Description
Buntings, a worsted woollen fabric developed in the turn of the 17th century.  The fabric was heat treated to create a shiny appearance.  It was generally used for ribbon or flag making.  Worsted woollen fabrics originated in the town of Worstead, Norwich, England.  Long staple fibres were used to create worsted fabric.   Essentially the fibres are processed and combed to sit them parallel to one another.  This painstaking process ensures that each and every fibre runs in the same direction ie. The end that was on the sheep is at the bottom and the end that was cut is at the top! Any short fibres are removed.  Consequently, you are left with a lightweight course resilient breathable fabric ideal for suiting. Originally used in Naval ships, buntings are a string of flags.  The officer responsible for flag signalling was called a ‘Bunt’.

Size & fit

scarf is 180cm long and 23cm wide

Care Instructions

100% Premium Australian Lambswool.

We recommend that you hand wash it with an environmentally friendly laundry product and dry flat in the shade.

Otto & Spike proudly knit everything in their factory in East Brunswick, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

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