Little Book of Bees

Hardie Grant

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As Bees continue to fascinate and charm us all, the Little Book of Bees is a perfect gift – from novice gardeners and nature-lovers to dedicated environmentalists – and today, bees need our help more than ever. Discover the story of these incredible creatures, with The Little Book of Bees. Bees first appeared on Earth an incredible 130 million years ago. Since the time of the dinosaurs, evolution has taken our beloved bees on an incredible journey – and today, there are 20,000 species on the planet.

The Little Book of Bees is a lovely, informative book of all things bee – from evolution and communication, to honey,bee-keeping, and saving the bees – all in a beautifullyillustrated gift book.contentsChapter One: The Story of BeesThe Evolution of the Bee Bee Anatomy Bee FactsBee vs Wasp The Bee Family Tree•Chapter Two: Waggledance to Bee CareersBee Communication Bee Navigation The Hive of ActivityBee Roles and Responsibilities What is a Swarm? Bee Defence•Chapter Three: Making HoneyWhat is Honey? Types of Honey Top Pollinators and Favorite Flowers Honey Recipes Honey Healthcare•Chapter Four: Bee-KeepingAn Introduction to Bee-Keeping Treating Bee-Stings•Chapter Five: Protecting Our Bee BuddiesWhy Are Bees in Decline? Supporting Our Bees in 10 Easy StepsBee-Support Crafts Bee-Friendly Gardens

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