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100% Natural, 100% Australian & 100% Handblended


Place 5 or so drops into your diffuser with water + diffuse, simple!  These divine scents will travel through your home + leave a soothing, calm scent behind. 


CALM: Feel relaxed + soothed with our O.G Chill out blend. Calm is a stress soothing, mind calming, body grounding blend that will help you come out of your anxious state or prevent you from getting there in the first place! A divine everyday blend to keep everyone in your home feeling stress free and calm.

HAPPY: Get into a happy state with our O.G Happy Blend. Happy is an uplifting blend of sweet orange, lavender + bergamot, leaving you feeling smiley and ready for your day. 

FOCUS:  Feel ready + motivated with our O.G Focus Blend. Motivate is our go-to blend when feeling a bit bleh and needing a boost of energy! A fab blend of Peppermint + Sweet orange, this blend leaves you feeling uplifted and motivated to get your butt into gear.

IMMUNE:  Boost your immune system with this disinfecting blend that helps fight off harmful bacteria and viruses. Combining highly antiseptic, antibacterial and immune boosting essential oils, this blend can help to stimulate the immune system by increasing blood and lymph circulation and generally supporting the different body systems. Effective to help prevent the spread of germs and support immunity. 

SLEEP:  Get sleepy with our No. 1 requested diffuser drops blend. Dream is our go-to blend for an added bit of luxe to your night time routine. Pop on before bed for a dreamy scent to help you drift off. Feel stress melt away and your body relax into a soothed state. This stuff really is ah-mazing. 

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