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The brand name "hibi" means ‘day to day’, or daily, in Japanese. It was given with the hope that you would keep it around you every day and freely enjoy its fragrance, matching each day’s mood or occasion.

Hibi incorporates natural paper fibres, wax and charcoal into meticulously balanced incense powders, creating a strikable, matchless incense stick which burns safely resting on its own reusable custom pad. A beautiful gift for anyone.

made in Japan

size: this beautifully presented gift box contains 5 different modern scents (each with 8 incense sticks) and 1 reusable burning pad 
modern scents included : 001 lemongrass, 002 lavender, 003 geranium, 004 ylang ylang and 005 tea tree

001 lemongrass - A refreshing aroma with dry grassy notes, this subtly cleansing and revitalising scent balances bright citrus with a hint of earthy greenery. 

002 lavender - An elegant floral fragrance,the aroma of lavender invites relaxation and rest with its classic warmth. Lavender is an ideal choice for soothing the nervous system and as part of your evening wind-down routine. 

003 geranium - A  perennial favourite with broad appeal, this fragrance blends deep rosy warmth with cheerful green notes for a sweetly harmonious pick-me-up 

004 ylang ylang - A heady and exotic aroma with tropical notes reminiscent of jasmine, ylang ylang is considered the ultimate floral fragrance; romantic and strong, but never overpowering. 

005 tea tree - Aclean, spicy fragrance with cool refreshing properties. Tea tree lifts the spirits, focuses the mind and helps to dispel any stale energy in the room. 

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