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Product Description:


 This is a style you already love!  Based on our previous Maker’s Dress, but with a few tweaks for summer. We’ve added a wider strap on the shoulder, changed the pockets to the side, and created a stepped hemline, with the front being shorter than the back.  


Whether you’re planning to go foraging in the woods with the sunshine filtering through the branches, heading off to your favourite local café for brunch with your girlfriend, or off to the market, this simple dress has got you covered.  The large front pockets are handy for freeing up your hands while you’re at the farmers market; keeping your shopping list handy or your phone close by.


While summer is on its way, spring has lots of changeable weather, so on those cooler days just layer this dress up with our hand printed Travel Pants and a the Hi-Lo Merino Long Sleeve that’s already in your wardrobe from winter.  These pieces are all designed to be worn through the various seasons by layering them up or down depending on the weather. 


Made from quality 100% linen, this dress will improve with age, the more it is worn and washed, and the fibres relax and soften.


An extremely versatile piece, suited to different sizes, shapes and ages.

Contents: 100% Linen

Proudly made in Melbourne, Australia


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